General presentation
Founded in the 2004 year, IM Company Trimetrica SRL is the official representative of the
Esri Inc. Company (Environmental Systems Research Institute,
California, USA) – the worldwide leader in the field of Geographic Information
Systems (GIS).
The main objective of the company is the promotion of the modern GIS technologies within
the state organizations and the private ones for:
 The support of taking optimal/best decisions
 An efficient management;
 The modernization of the business processes;
 The saving of the resources;
 The strategic development
of the organizations. The main activities of the company are the
The achievement of the innovative software solutions, on
ArcGIS platforms supported by specialized applications from the
partner-companies’ side.
The Corporative GIS System Projection and
implementation “on key”, including hardware and software delivery, training,
the methodological bases development for modelling and analysis, the date automation
and integration, post-projection services and the systems’ development.
Technical and Business Consulting in the geoinformational technologies field. Connecting/access to the Geo-Web services.
The Elaboration and integration of the analytical spatial models, GIS
dates and thematic maps.
Certificate courses and training based on the international Esri programs;
Esri Techical Support Programme regarding/on/about the quality services of ArcGIS
users. Trimetrica has/disposes of a qualified specialists team/group, with a vast/rich/large experience in the development of the Complex Geoinformational Systems in different fields/areas/domains/spheres, both in Moldova as well as abroad. For more information about the advantages of the implementation of GIS
solutions from Esri for your organization, visit our Industry page and
request/apply for a presentation, or contact our representatives at 837-247 and
837-243 phone numbers or at  office@trimetrica.com e-mail.