Summer 2011

New technologies coming to the aid society Geoinformational
On 26.07.11 , in the Press Club of Civil Society was addressed mamodul use of new information technologies însoluţionarea society's problems .

In this events company specialists Trimetrica exemplified completed projects ArcGIS Server platform , using Geo Information Technologies (GIS ) in the activity of citizens and government agencies . Presentation of national ecological project " Hai Moldova" and the Information Management System of Persistent Organic Pollutants demonstrated the efficiency and convenience of the participants at the event as citizens can participate in solving environmental problems .

Trimetrica being a promoter of these actions, maintains and develops technologies that would help society to prosperity and democratization them. This process , too, develops and encourages citizens to be active and to contribute to the transparency of state bodies .

On June 29, 2011 , in the International Conference meeting
Part IV of the Aarhus Convention was held presentation
implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Moldova entitled " Convention
Aarhus : challenges for Moldova " .

This event , organized by the Ministry of Environment of Moldova Elena
Hristev , Trimetrica executive director , presented the results
World Bank project "Identification of residues of pollutants
POPs (persistent organic ) and mapping of polluted areas . "

GIS mapping and analysis of integrated POPs created
developed in the project enables effective management of
locations and main characteristics of POPs , as well as modeling
distribution of environmental risks and health.
The web application mapping " POPs online GIS " , created by ArcGIS Server platform ,
. NET and Flex , is an interactive map with a number of specialized tools that allow performing a spatial database queries
and display the results on the map interface . it provides
government experts and local authorities support
important information in decision making for the organization and
performing works solubrizare ( cleaning ) . For the general public
This application provides information on contaminated locaţiilie
pesticides and the health risk associated with them.
The application is available at the address

A new Service Pack (SP2 ) for ArcGIS 10.0

Company Announces Esri ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 ( SP2). This service pack is now available from Esri Support Center and contains
further improvements in work performance : errors and bugs
were corrected , which increased the editing process optimization ,
creation and management of spatial data .