Portal for ArcGIS

Portal for ArcGIS Server Extension

This ArcGIS for Server extension provides a map-centric collaborative content management system that organizations can deploy in their own infrastructure (on premises or in the cloud). The ArcGIS portal is a central component of the ArcGIS platform, providing the means to easily create, organize, secure, and manage geographic assets within your organization. It connects end-users with useful online GIS applications, maps and geographic data, extending the reach of your geographic information products and ArcGIS beyond GIS experts.

Why Use Portal for ArcGIS?
Portal for ArcGIS gives your organization a platform for managing all of its geospatial content. It enables secure and private sharing within the organization and leverages mobile, server, and desktop clients. It is ideal if you have high confidential and proprietary data, conduct confidential research, or have regulated data restrictions.

With Portal for ArcGIS you can
  • Manage your organization’s geospatial content
  • Access a set of common basemaps, tools, and web services
  • Create maps and apps
  • Share maps and apps with others inside or outside the organization
  • Register your existing ArcGIS services
  • Form groups to collaborate on projects or common activities
  • Extend the reach of your geospatial information products in your organization
  • Promote collaboration of graphic data content in your organization

Requirements and Pricing

Portal for ArcGIS is an extension included with ArcGIS for Server Advanced (Enterprise or Workgroup). Pricing is based on the number of Named Users. Talk to your local Esri representative for more details.
Portal for ArcGIS