Data integration

The key to success of the implementation of a GIS - accurate and qualitative data . Most times , we require IT systems created to look from another point of view to information resources of the organization :
  • Properly organized information flows ?
  • Data are used effectively within the organization?
  • Get critical information in the right form , to the appropriate specialist ?
Implementation of GIS technology as a symbiosis of DBMS databases and maps help to correct structuring enterprise data and ensure effective environmental movement and functional information .

With already known , semantic information , using GIS and spatial information, the underlying modeling and spatial analysis .

To enable spatial information , which underlies SIG is necessary to perform spatial data automation . In making this initial stage and to identify mechanisms , automation algorithms will help our specialists .

Trimetrica company has an extensive practice in digitization of data in different formats ( charts, topographical plans , etc. . ) And turn them into formats required with some precision. Using teledecţiei technologies ( satellite images and orthophotos ) also will help you to update customer information in the company or get involved in this process by experienced teams .

We offer service to develop optimal methodologies and data models , implementation plans and creating spatial databases and to establish a common and unique data management activities of the organization within the planned budget.