Geo-web services

For organizations that are the first steps in learning GIS technologies or those who initiated use in GIS , aiming to optimize existing GIS systems , we propose the program " Geo -Web service connection " .

Use of geoinformation technology solutions via the web is an innovative , but very successful as a model for adaptation of GIS potential in many developed countries . Through the program " Geo -Web service connection " our users can make use of the remote without capital expenditures in implementing its GIS system a rich set of data and GIS functionality to perform various urgent tasks in the organization.

Organization - the subscriber can conectezeşi to use in personal work , everyday , a rich base of geoinformation products ( including the current vector data and satellite images ) and models developed with Esri and its partners . Such solutions are successfully integrated and optimize corporate systems development costs GIS platforms offered by ESRI .

There are several options for connections that involve different combinations of services. Make contact with our representatives no. The tel . 876-247 or write learn more about the program specifically for your organization.