System integration

Integrating and automating complex public and private enterprises active and more and more, are made available under the powerful GIS technology from ESRI .

Our job as professionals is to create a GIS system that will answer all strategic questions of the organization:
  •   Solving operational duties after modernization of business processes ;
  •   Reduce costs and increase profitability ;
  •   Streamlining business activity after the optimization of the entire IT infrastructure ;
  •   Improving the competitiveness of the company with the tools of analysis and GIS modeling .
High functional features , platform desktop, server and mobile ArcGIS flexible , allowing the creation of complex specialized GIS applications . Such applications involve solving problems in any difficulty level in the organization.

Using popular and standardized developments , such as C # , Java, Flex , our specialists , efficient and quality , conduct business process automation , will help integrate GIS functionality into enterprise IT architecture .

At the moment , the main task is to ensure effective interaction between different IT systems and GIS , as well as a mechanism for the free flow of information . To reduce the risk of technical errors ( critical systems ) and sanctioned attacks on the system it is necessary to take into account the overall system security and data part .

Providing professional support to Trimetrica through the Call Center , and the development of applied solutions and technical support to users, will ensure successful functionality of the system.