Training center

Сompany Trimetrica for several years , successfully implementing GIS Training Program . Relying on ESRI Authorized Balloon Center , we offer a wide range of training programs such as :

  • Courses and Seminars Certificate Practice performed continuously ;
  • Thematic Conference on the implementation of spatial technologies in various fields ;
  • Web - courses .

Classes are held in block 3 UTM , 1st floor auditorium 114 .
Lab Trimetrica adresa Str: Messenger 11 office 306 laborator

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Proposed teaching methods contribute to efficient assimilation theoretical material and getting new skills working in ArcGIS software for both the novice and the experienced SIG.

Company Trimetrica assist in the acquisition of knowledge to use ESRI software and proposes to initiate and specialized training that will raise the level of skill and knowledge of GIS technology in the short term.

The courses take place in two specialized centers opened in the Technical University of Moldova , in the Department of Cadastre , Geodesy and Geotechnics and Technical Centre of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics .

When creating groups , considering the demands of participants and conduct courses according to a timetable in specialized centers can also be deployed inside organizations courses and applicants.

Courses and seminars are conducted by Esri methods and materials by certified instructors , in Romanian, Russian and English .

Centers where classes take place , are equipped with the necessary equipment for the smooth and assimilation of the course. At the end of the course, the participants are handed Esri International Certificate .

To learn more about seminars and training courses description visit .
Enrolling in courses or seminars you can do online courses or compartment Sign telephone number 876-247 .